10 Video Content Ideas to Try

10 Video Content Ideas to Try

Did you know that there are two main types of content? The first is trending, which is hot at the moment content. The other is the more relevant content that we call evergreen. Using both these types of content can be powerful and beneficial to your social media presence. In this blog, we will be focusing more on evergreen content and sharing 10 ideas that will be valuable to your audience. 

Evergreen Content is Relatable and Entertaining 

This type of content doesn’t follow the whole trend cycle but relies on always-relevant concepts that are easy to reuse over and over again. Using Reels and TikToks is a great example of using evergreen content because it continues to attract new audience members for weeks or even months. So how is evergreen content more relatable and entertaining? Well, not all content has to be the funniest or trendiest, the best ones are ones that are unique and stand out on their own. Sometimes they may even teach you something you didn’t know before! 

10 Evergreen Video Content Ideas to Try Now 

#1 Behind the Scenes 

Filming behind-the-scenes content is so convenient and beneficial to your brand because it allows you to accomplish multiple goals: creating content that will remain relevant no matter what trends are circulating the web and connecting with your audience in a realistic and authentic way. 

#2 Day in the Life 

Just like behind-the-scenes content, day-in-the-life content is another concept that’s easy to throw together during those busy weeks. Simply filming what you do throughout the day as a small business owner creates an organic relationship with your audience. 

#3 Answers FAQs 

Every business owner is asked the same questions over and over. So what better way to answer these questions than to hold an FAQ in one quick video. You can even ask your audience if they have questions they’d like you to address and mix them in with your video. 

#4 Product Spotlights 

Sharing a video highlighting one of your products, if it’s new or a long-time favorite, in a short-form video shows your audience what the product can do in a relatable way. 

#5 User-Generated Content 

When customers post videos discussing your brand or your product, it generates trust from new audience members. When your target audience views similar users raving about your products, they might just become customers themselves! 

#6 Educate Your Audience

Sharing video content that educates your followers on a topic relevant to your niche is a strong way to fill the gaps in your content calendar because it’s interesting content that is valuable for your followers. You are in fact the expert on your brand or products! 

#7 Storytime 

Audiences and customers love hearing stories about funny interactions or incidents that happen at work, so might as well share them to entertain your audience while continuing to build brand awareness! 

#8 Tutorials/Life Hacks 

There are plenty of tutorial and life hack videos on TikTok but use them to your advantage! Teach your audience how to use your products or how to accomplish difficult tasks that are relevant in your industry. You never know, you could start your own trend! 

#9 Something That Just Makes Sense 

There are plenty of sounds on TikTok that are great additions to your content, but the ‘things that just make sense’ sound is perfect for sharing tidbits about your products. 

#10 Your “Why” 

People love brands that have a purpose, so why not share your reason for doing what you do! Doing this humanizes your brand and makes connecting with you and your products easier for your target audience. 

Evergreen content is super important for your feed because it can exist on its own without having to follow all the silly trends that are out there. Now you know what to incorporate into your videos to make them simple and relatable to all, so start filming! 

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