3 Major Updates to Instagram Reels

3 Major Updates to Instagram Reels

Instagram has announced 3 major updates that will soon be coming to Reels. With TikTok being one of Instagram's biggest competitors, they need to stay up to date with the latest trends while continuing to bring new features to the app. According to the parent-company Meta, these updates to Instagram Reels will make it easier for users to edit and make Reels while being discovered by new audiences. 

What are these new updates then!? 

Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, introduced three major Instagram Reels updates and here's what they are: 


New 90 Second Instagram Reels Length 

Since TikTok extended their video length to 10 minutes, users on both platforms knew it wouldn’t be long until Instagram did something similar with Reels. Although it’s not 10 minutes, Instagram users will still have the ability to make their Reels content longer so they are able to share more with their audience. This makes users question if Instagram will introduce 10 minute length videos… but it most likely will only extend to 3 minutes. 


Instagram Stories Stickers Coming to Reels 

Stickers such as polls, quizzes, and emoji sliders will be coming to Reels shortly. With this update, users are able to create more interactive content in their Reels which can seriously boost engagement from audiences and viewers. These stickers will also give users more opportunities for storytelling. 


Ability to Import Your Own Audio 

With this new update, users will be able to import their own audio directly within Reels, according to Meta. It’s going to be a real game changer! Users are able to use sounds from a video on your camera roll that’s at least 5 seconds long with this new update. It’s clear that Instagram is encouraging users to create and utilize more “original audio” on the platform. 

Update your Instagram to unlock these new features and start experimenting!  

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