3 New Instagram Home Feeds

3 New Instagram Home Feeds

Big changes are coming our way within the Instagram world. Many of us have already heard that Instagram will be bringing back the OG chronological feed. But we weren’t expecting more surprises to add along to the good news! The app will soon allow you to switch between three different feeds, each with its own different purpose and style. Instagram mentioned via Twitter, “we want people to have meaningful control over their experience”.  Considering how important Instagram has become to people’s work and personal lives, we are really appreciative and excited about this! The new feature is still being tested right now, and it is expected to drop within the first half of this year.

Though no one is exactly sure how this will look yet, head of Instagram Adam Mosseri tweeted out some much-needed info on what to expect with the new feature. That being said, it can be useful to get ready to make the most of social media features before they’re released. Let us break things down for you! 

Feed #1:The “Following” feed 

Here is the well-awaited return of the feed users have been missing all of these years. The Following feed will display your standard content just from accounts you follow, all in chronological order. Feels like a breath of fresh air, doesn’t it? 

Feed #2: The Home Feed

 This is the same type of feed we’ve all gotten used to using since 2016; the feed that shows content based on what the app thinks is the most relevant to you. This will display more and more advertisements and recommendations. Though there have been mixed feelings about this type of algorithm throughout the past few years, we may learn to appreciate it more now that we have more options! 

Feed #3: The “Favorites” Feed

This is where things get interesting. It looks like Instagram is going to start allowing you to pick out your favorite accounts while displaying a separate feed showing just those! This is a great tool to potentially minimize your scrolling time and cut-to-the-chase on what you really opened the app for. 

(Adding Nesscessity to your favorites feed is something you will not regret doing if you’re looking to make the most of social media in 2022!)

We’re super thankful for Instagram giving us more options and the ability to customize our social media experience in 2022. Hold tight just a little bit longer, because there are good things to come!

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