5 Steps for a Successful Instagram Giveaway

5 Steps for a Successful Instagram Giveaway

If you haven’t tried hosting a giveaway on your Instagram page, here is your sign. Giveaways can do wonders for your growth and engagement. The prizes can range from small to larger items, so you can do whatever suits your company best! So what are you waiting for? Let’s get planning! Better yet, let’s get giving :) 


1. Know your audience.

It’s important to know WHO you want to enter your giveaway. Whether you’re a trendy clothing store , a fitness app, a blogger, or a restaurant- your giveaway will need to reflect your brand’s audience. Is your audience college students? Or is it the local yoga moms? You’ll want to think about what your audience would be interested in and excited about at the start of your planning process.  

2. Plan your prize. 

If you’re giving away your own product, then that’s free promotion in itself. To make the giveaway more fun, consider adding multiple prizes and selecting a few different winners. Prizes can be big or small depending on what your budget is. You can also consider working with another influencer or brand on your giveaway. This will double your reach! And who doesn’t want to win more prizes?


3. Decide on giveaway rules.

This is the most strategic part of the giveaway. These are the requirements everyone must fulfill to enter. Think about what would be the best for YOUR brand. You can require everyone to follow your page, like certain photos, share a post, comment, tag friends, follow on another platform, and the list is endless. To maximize your potential you should require multiple interactions from each participant.

For some inspiration, here's the template we use for giveaways!


1 - Like this post

2 - Follow us

3 - Tag at least 3 friends in the comments who you think would want to also enter to win (1 comment = 1 entry)

4 - Share this post to your story for extra entries

*Giveaway ends ____* (You can choose how long a giveaway will last; we suggest anywhere from 5 days-2 weeks) 


4. Promote your giveaway.

This is a CRUCIAL part of the giveaway. You want your followers to share this with their followers so new people find your page. Some cute graphics to advertise your giveaway are essential. The more your giveaway post spreads, the better! This is why asking people to share the giveaway post is a great (& strategic) idea! Also, try posting about your Instagram giveaway on reels. Reels have been taking over everyone’s Instagram feeds and we love it! They are the best way to reach a large audience. Read our blog post about the Instagram algorithm to learn just how effective reels are!

5. Stay consistent after the giveaway.

You may notice you have gained lots of new followers after hosting a giveaway.  Yay! Now the trick is to keep them following you. We’ve all followed a random account hoping to win a giveaway. You HAVE to keep your content engaging and creative after your giveaway if you want your new followers to stick around. The work is not over after the contest ends, time to get posting!

We hope this inspired you to host your own giveaway.  We would all love to enter to win a prize or two! 

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