7 Ways to Grow Your Email List

7 Ways to Grow Your Email List

Email lists reach out directly and personally to your customers and help establish brand loyalty. They're a quick and easy way for your audience to know what your brand is up to. These are all really great things, so it can never hurt to focus some time and energy on building up that email list. Although social media is all the hype lately, stepping up your email outreach is just as important. 

When it comes to building an email list, it’s all about creating an incentive. Giving your audience something to get excited about will increase the chances of them wanting to engage with your brand by clicking subscribe. Here are some ways that won’t only help you gain subscribers, but can be super fun opportunities for your audience to get to know your brand! 

1. Contests and Giveaways 
Nothing creates more hype than the possibility of winning something. Not only can you use contests to require an email subscription for entry, but contests can often help your platform gain lots of attention from new potential customers!

2. Exclusive Access
Let your email subscribers in on the inside scoop of your brand. Not only does this reward them for their support, but it makes them feel important to your brand; because they are! Some exclusives include making a secret product, promoting exclusive sales, and giving access to products and sales before everyone else, just for being on your email list.

3. Discounts 
Discounts aren’t only an incentive to subscribe to your email list, but to buy your products and gain more customers. We all know we’re more likely to buy something at a lower price! 

4. Your Website 
Utilizing your brand's website to grow your email list is simple, yet so important. You want to make setting up an email subscription as easy and accessible on your website as possible. Creating a pop-up on your Home Screen is a creative way to really make this stand out! 

5. Share with Friends 
Hearing about a brand from a trusted friend is one of the most effective ways to get you to hop on board. When you send out emails to your subscriber list, make it available to forward the email, and encourage your audience to do so!

6. Teasers
Sharing teasers on social media is a direct way to show your audience exactly what they’re missing by not being on your email list already! Before email content gets released, put the upcoming information on your platform and let your followers know how they can subscribe. (Including direct links on your social media platforms is a super simple way of doing this!)

7. Freebies or “Lead Magnets” 
Like we all probably know by now, everyone loves free stuff! People are going to be more willing to sign up for your email list if they know they’re going to get something out of it right away. Some Lead Magnet examples include E-books, tutorials, and email courses. Using freebies is also a great way for people to get a little “sample” of your brand!

All of these sound pretty fun, right? Growing your email list isn’t something to wait on, since your customers will have a good time doing it. Go ahead and get started on making those loyal connections! 

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