A Branded Content Guide

A Branded Content Guide

At Nesscessity we are all about finding new ways to help people grow their brand and strengthen their social media presence. One of the best ways to do this is by utilizing branded content. Whether your brand is smaller and new, or well-established, you can use brand content to reach a larger audience and show off your product to the maximum number of people. 

You may be wondering what is branded content? Branded content is social media content posted by another account or influencer intended to promote your company. This is most often seen as influencer content. Paid partnerships with content creators can be an amazing way to expand your brand’s reach. If you’ve ever bought an item that was linked on one of your favorite accounts post’s, chances are it is branded content. Brands will pay users with a large following on social media to post photos, videos, or stories of them with the product. It’s a great way to show “normal people” using your product. When an influencer has it, we have to have it.

If you’re wondering if an influencer's post is sponsored or not, they will add the “paid partnership” to the top of their post. This allows for more transparency between content creators and their following. Influencers may also use affiliate links as part of their branded content. Stories with swipe up links may be paid for by the brand. It’s a win-win for everyone involved, because your brand can reach more people AND people always love finding new places to shop! 

If you are seeking to grow your brand, we highly recommend you look into branded content. If you are on a smaller budget, this can be as simple as sending your merchandise to a local micro influencer. You can negotiate whether you’d like them to post a story, feed post, reel, or a combination. Most influencers will be excited to see you reach out to them and would love to try a new clothing item, snack, or skin care product. Whatever your brand may be, this is a great way to market it. 

If you’re seeking some inspiration for your branded content, we design posts and stories for all of our amazing clients! Check out or work HERE!

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