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Batch Filming Content 101

If you’ve never heard of batch filming, then we’re here to explain it to you and present you with 5 tips that could make filming easier for you! Obviously creating video content requires a lot of time and patience, but batch filming will make it seem effortless. 

What is Batch Filming?

In simple terms, this strategy of filming is when creators film multiple videos in one session, making the most of their filming set up for maximum productivity and efficiency. 

Our brains can become all jumbled when filming one short video, then editing, then posting, and then captioning. Switching gears can take a toll on the human brain and it may take some of us a hot minute to prepare for the “deep work” mode. That’s why batch filming will make your life a whole lot easier. 

Additionally, there are multiple steps that one takes when switching from one task to the next. For example, creators have to establish their filming setup, then take it down, upload their content, edit it, add a caption, and the list goes on. Seems like you may waste more time doing it this way, right? By using the batch filming method, you follow these same steps but the only difference is that you film multiple videos in one go. 

The Benefits of Batch Filming 

1. Save Time 

Like we said before, this method is a huge time saver. Instead of filming one video at a time, film all of them in one sitting and then get to the editing process. You can even schedule them out using the Reels Planner to maintain effortless consistency. 

2. Boost Productivity 

Rather than sitting down and filming one video at a time, batch filming allows you to focus solely on filming all your content in one day. Simply save the editing, uploading, and coming up with captions for another day. 

3. Manage Multiple Accounts 

If you are a person who has to manage multiple accounts, we know how difficult that can be and this method is going to release a lot of stress you may have. Use the batch filming method to film one account at a time, that way you can keep your full focus on the brand’s voice and strategy. 

4. Content Flexibility 

Users who schedule content ahead and create a calendar filled with videos ready to go are already ahead of the game, so why not join them? It is so important to be consistent with your posting schedule that even Instagram has emphasized it! Managing your time with filming videos allows you to maintain that consistency with ease and gives you more room to move videos around as trends come and go. Forget filming that last-minute video on a Sunday night and use the batch method to relieve the stressors that filming brings! 

Planning ahead ensures you’re prioritizing the right message to your audience and also leaves room to add or take away content, depending on what is trending at the moment. So use this method to benefit your brand and to also relieve you of any stress that filming causes!  

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