Boost Engagement with the New Instagram Stories Link Stickers

Boost Engagement with the New Instagram Stories Link Stickers

If you’re an avid Instagram-lover like us, you may have noticed that you can no longer swipe up on an Instagram story. Not to brag, but we saw this coming. Being social media-obsessed means we closely follow Instagram’s newest updates. If you follow us on Nesscessity, you saw our announcement before the links disappeared. We weren’t sure how we would feel about this new change, but we are excited to report that the new sticker links are amazing!


Like any Instagram update, this will take some getting used to. Don’t panic, you can still include links in your stories. Now the links appear like a regular sticker on your story. Great news- the new Instagram sticker feature is actually a dream for brands and users alike. We have been experimenting with this new feature, and we are excited to share the perks with you! In order to boost engagement with these stickers, you’ll want to know how to use them correctly. We’re here to help! 

While people are adjusting to the new link stickers, it’s important to note that they may be missing out on your links. Make sure to clearly label where your link stickers are. We know they’ll be like second nature to us soon! You want everyone to recognize that you are linking a product. To maximize links make sure that your link sticker is a key part of your post. We recommend drawing attention to the link by writing something like “Click Here” or “Buy Now” above your links. You can play around with gifs, stickers, and emojis to decorate your links. 

One of our favorite parts about the new link feature is that you can see the domain name of the website you’re linking. This will allow your audience to clearly see what product you are linking. For example, if you are linking a product on Amazon your link will say “”. This will allow viewers to know what website they’re about to visit. 

Another great aspect of the sticker texts is how versatile they are. You can place the stickers wherever they look best on your photo. They can also be any size you want, which is a graphic design dream. You can change the color of your link stickers to suit your style. We have been loving the simplicity of the transparent links on our Instagram

If you need some link inspo, check out the Nesscessity Instagram. We post stories every day and are always switching them up. Happy posting!

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