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Group Profile: An Introduction to Instagram’s Latest Feature

Instagram is constantly evolving and adapting to stay relevant amongst all the competition in the social media market. Some features have been staples–such as Instagram Stories–while others haven’t been as warmly received. Despite some negative feedback about the constant changes, Instagram has not slowed down from regularly testing new features. Their latest experiment? Group Profiles. Here’s what it does: 

Group Profile: An Introduction to Instagram’s Latest Feature

What is Instagram’s Group Profile?

Pushing the boundaries of collaboration on social media, Group Profile is a feature that would allow multiple users to share through one account. Similarly to Facebook Groups, this new feature would allow people to connect over shared interests in a dedicated space. However, like the aforementioned group, these profiles will also require an admin or moderator to ensure a safe and welcoming environment for its users. This responsibility will fall on the creator of the group. 

Benefits of a Group Profile

When it comes to building an audience, Group Profiles would be another valuable tool at your disposal. The purpose is to create an intimate space for creators to share their interests and collaborate, which creates a group of like-minded people who share common goals. Brands targeting a specific niche would benefit from creating a Group Profile to interact with consumers and boost engagement. 

How to Use Instagram’s Group Profile 

To create a Group Profile, you go through the same process as you would if you wanted to create a post on Instagram: simply click on the “+” on the top right corner of your Instagram profile and select “Group Profile” towards the bottom of the screen. As the admin, you are then prompted to choose a group username, set a profile picture, write an optional description, add a website, or toggle the account's privacy settings. 

The admin will have the ability to add new users to their Group Profile. However, users can also request access to different groups they might be interested in joining. Alternatively, individuals can also invite others through DM, or direct messaging. 

Within these Group Profiles, members can share Posts, Stories, and Reels specifically for their chosen community. 

At the moment, Group Profile is only available in Canada; however, it is expected to roll out worldwide soon. 

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