How Long Should Instagram Captions Be?

We all know how important it is to spend time on Instagram content. Whether it’s photos or videos, you want the content to be creative and engaging. One of the best ways to elevate your content is with a compelling caption. Don’t overlook the importance of this! We have some data-driven advice for crafting the perfect Instagram captions. 

You may be surprised to hear longer captions tend to equal more engagement. In the past, we’ve seen longer captions being skipped over. However, as a brand, you can engage your audience and share more information by taking advantage of the blog-like caption trend. You’ve probably seen a ton of super lengthy captions on your feed–yes, it can seem a bit excessive, but for certain niches, these long captions really work! Of course, there is a happy medium between one sentence and a whole novel. According to data from Fohr, the CEO of Instagram, Instagram captions are continuously growing in length, so we expect the blog-like captions to be a trend for a while. Fohr’s analysis shows that if you aim for a 70 word caption, that is the ideal length for engagement. This can seem daunting if you are used to writing shorter captions, but once you get the hang of it you’ll enjoy sharing more with your followers. 

The great news about longer captions is you’ll have an easier time connecting with your audience! Whether your captions are personal stories, tips, and advice, deep thoughts, or product info- you will tell more about your page through these captions. You can encourage people to leave their responses in your comments and state a conversation in the comments. We have been loving posting longer captions on the Nesscessity Instagram and interacting with you all! 

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