How Social Media Rebuilt Advertising

How Social Media Rebuilt Advertising

Social media has evolved from being a popular pastime for people to connect with others and share personal news to being a marketing tool that influences trends, behavior, and cultural positioning for individuals and companies alike. 

We’ll say it loud and clear; social media is everything in the marketing world right now. Here’s why– 


The obvious here is the fact that the actual content we’re consuming isn’t the same as it used to be; turning to focus less on print ads and more on social media apps. We’ve been in this digital era for what feels like a long time now, so it’s easy to forget how much the world has changed! 

There are so many benefits to this content change, however, including how social media marketing allows brands to get creative with simple and convenient software. Platforms have also used their social media marketing powers to create more personalized, “behind the scenes” content for users to feel more of a connection to!

Measuring Results

Compared to other forms of marketing, tracking the results of social media marketing campaigns is a breeze. Right at our fingertips, we have access to views, likes, reach, comments, and follows with every post. This gives us a constant idea of how to improve our brand and what to work on for the next campaign.  

Real-time Connections

Social media marketing puts itself hand in hand with customer service. Users have direct access to brands through the apps they use every day, making them super comfortable with leaving questions and comments. Whether through direct messages and comment sections, social media allows consumers to talk to brands the same way they would talk to a friend! Being responsive to questions and comments makes people feel a sense of trust, creating more loyalty. 

Engaging Loyal Customers

Just by clicking that follow button, users become a part of the journey of your business. This allows your already interested and loyal customers to stay constantly updated and in the loop on new things going on with your brand.

Easy Access 

As of 2021, 82% of Americans are on social media. People spend time on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook every day, giving them access to millions and millions of platforms at any given time. And with algorithms like the explore page, Reels, and the For You Page, users can be constantly exposed to content they’ve never seen before. This clearly stirs up the perfect opportunities for brands to get discovered and grow an audience! 

 The internet allows brands to find inspiration from so many different sources on how to better their platform and craft up some amazing marketing ideas. 


The way we promote and sell is evolving, and keeping up with social media’s ever-changing trends and features is the best way to learn and improve! If you want to learn even more about the new surefire of advertising, then follow our Instagram. We’re social media experts that love nothing more than sharing our social knowledge! 

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