How to Get Music on Instagram Reels

How to Get Music on Instagram Reels

Instagram reels have become super popular since their release due to being one of the most effective ways to grow Instagram followers. But there has become a tiny issue with reels for Business accounts. These types of accounts are not able to add “real” music from recording artists to their Reels because of copyright issues. That’s why you are unable to see or use music in your Reels if using a Business account. But here's a little hack to get music in your reels that we want to share with you! 

So how do you get music on your Instagram Reels or Stories if you don’t have the option? 

Here’s how to get access to the FULL music library on Instagram Reels and Stories even if you have a business account: all you have to do is switch your account category to Entrepreneur by following these steps: 

  • Go to edit profile 
  • Tap on the category 
  • Search for Entrepreneur and tap done
  • And boom! There you go! You should now be able to see all music 

Just in case that doesn’t work, here are a few more suggestions to make your Stories or Reels more entertaining for your audience. 

Record your own original audio for your Insta Reels 

If you didn’t know this already, you can use your own voice as your audio track and do a voiceover. Using your own audio or creating a voiceover allows you to give your opinion about a topic that your audience cares about, share knowledge about your niche, tell a story, give updates about yourself and your business, and engage with your audience with something fun. 

Use someone else’s original audio 

Just like on TikTok, you are able to click on the user's audio to see similar videos with the same sound on Reels, then use it for your own content! Since original audio is not copyrighted, it leaves you with just as many options to use. To use someone’s original audio, head to the explorer page and click on Reels on the top then scroll till you find one that says “Original audio” and if you like it there will be an option to record with that sound. 

Pre-produce your reels to include any music or sound you like 

Many users actually pre-record their content and then later upload it to TikTok or Instagram. If you choose to do this, you can use apps like Splice, InShot, or even TikTok itself where you are able to combine voice and music. Just remember that no matter where you add your music, it doesn’t change the copyright laws. Many of these apps will also give you music options that are safe to use. 

Use royalty-free music in your Instagram Reels 

Luckily, Facebook Creator Studio has a free music library available to all that you can access through the music button, even if you have a business account. Some business accounts have been fortunate enough to see the music button added back to Reels and Stories. 

Change your account to a creator account to get access to music in Stories and Reels 

There is a catch to this though and that is you will no longer be able to plan your posts for auto-publish through scheduling apps, which may not be worth it to some. Although this type of account was not made for businesses, you are still stealing copyrighted music for your own promotions. 


Instagram Reels are still new to us, but remember there are many options and other ways to go about adding sound to your videos without partaking in illegal activities or going against the rules. Be creative and get to filming! 

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