How to Grow Your Business Using Micro Influencers

How to Grow Your Business Using Micro Influencers

If you’ve never heard of Micro-Influencer Marketing, we’re here to explain it to you and describe why it is great for businesses who don’t have the budget to work with Macro influencers or if you want to reach a more niche audience. 

What is a Micro Influencer? 

A Micro Influencer is essentially someone who doesn’t have a gigantic following like KarJenners or Selena Gomez, but they still have a significant social media presence with a following of anywhere between 10k to 100k. This group of Insta influencers tends to be more relatable and approachable, which creates trust and a bond with followers. 

Followers and audiences are going to lean towards the Micro Influencers because they’re more authentic and can create that connection with viewers that Macro Influencers aren’t able to make. Since Micro Influencers are more authentic and trustworthy, they tend to receive a steady stream of comments, clicks, and likes. 

The Benefits of Working With Micro Influencers 

Business and brand owners have used social media to their advantage when it comes to marketing their products and growing their sales. In fact, Instagram is on track to become a $15 billion dollar industry sometime during this year due to the selling power of influencers. 

Although Micro influencers don’t have the larger following like Macro influencers do, there are three benefits to working with this group of influencers: 

#1 Micro Influencers Are Typically More Cost Effective 

If you’re a small business looking to work with influencers, Macro influencers are not going to be the best option for you. Instead look to Micro Influencers since they still have a following and will be able to reach multiple communities and voices. Micro Influencers are not as expensive to work with as Macro, therefore you can choose to work with a handful of them to spread awareness to your brand or message. They also may be interested in working with you for an ongoing basis. 

#2 Micro Influencers have Niche Communities on Instagram 

Because Micro Influencers have a smaller following compared to Macro Influencers, they have a more targeted audience that could also benefit you and your brand. Since they only talk about one or two topics, they’ve created a niche that has allowed them to grow on their own on social media. 

With this smaller following, Micro Influencers have created a bond with their followers that allows them to connect with their community and develop a trusted friendship with them as well. So if a Micro Influencer were to recommend your product or brand to their followers, you know the responses will be positive because of the trust that has been established. 

#3 Micro Influencers Have High Engagement Rates 

According to an Influencer Marketing Report, it was found that the less followers an influencer has on Instagram, the higher their average engagement rate is. How does this benefit your marketing strategy? Micro Influencers have steady engagement rates, a very supportive community, and fees that will align better with smaller business budgets. There really isn’t a better option than working with a Micro Influencer to boost your engagement rates. 

If you’re looking for ways to grow your brand, consider working with Micro Influencers! While they contain a smaller, concentrated subset of followers, the power these influencers have with marketing strategies will ultimately benefit you and your brand while continuing to drive traffic to your site!

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