How to Run an Influencer Campaign

How to Run an Influencer Campaign

Everyone can think of an Instagram influencer that they idol. Whether you buy the clothes they post or new skincare items they share, we truly are influenced. This can be really beneficial for businesses looking to promote their products. No matter the size of your company, influencer campaigns are the way to go! Here are some steps to plan your campaign.

1. Find an Influencer

You want to find someone who aligns with your brand. If you’re a trendy fashion company, find someone whose style seems on-brand with your clothing. You want the influencer you choose to accurately represent your brand. Also, taking into consideration their following on Instagram. You want to reach out to an influencer that is attainable for your page. If they have 1 million followers and you are a smaller Instagram, it may be out of reach. Micro-influencers can be excellent to contact and are normally eager to work with local brands. If you’re in Denver, we love @kellycalvillo, @feelinhaute, @madsplatt, and @kaylinplyes to name a few!


2. Decide on your campaign goal

What are you hoping for out of this campaign? Before reaching out to anyone, sit down and make your ideal list of content. Do you want your items shown on a story, a post, a reel, or on other social media platforms? Is this a long-term collaboration or a once-off? Make a plan for your dream campaign!


3. Craft a message

So now it’s time to contact the influencer you hope to work with. This can be nerve-wracking because let's be real, they might say no. It’s important to portray your brand’s vibe in your message. If you usually have a casual feel to your posts, don’t make your message overly formal. You want to be friendly and inviting. Don’t jump into the details right away, first give them a feel for your brand and see if they are interested in any of your products. We can’t imagine anyone turning down a package of goodies from your brand. 


4. Be ready to post

Get ready to make your Instagram page aesthetic! If new people are discovering your page from the influencer posts, it’s extra important that your page is looking its best. Also, you will want to be ready to repost any content that you’re tagged in. Be responsive in your direct messages, comments, and tags so that you can communicate with new potential customers. Get excited about the new interaction you’ll have on your feed!


If you have been considering working with influencer marketing, now is your time! We hope that you found this post helpful and motivating. Happy influencing! :) 

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