How to Use Memes in Social Media Marketing

How to Use Memes in Social Media Marketing

Nothing is better than finding the perfect meme to send to your friend group chat. We all love a good meme, and the best ones are shared with everyone you know. If you are seeking to grow your social media, you should definitely be posting funny graphics or videos that relate to your aesthetic, brand, and audience. The more creative the better! As long as it’s relatable and funny, you’re on the right track.


Here’s how you can easily incorporate memes into your social feeds! 

Come up with a concept.

What jokes can you make about your brand? For example, we make lots of Instagram reels and memes about social media since that's our area of expertise. If you are a clothing brand, what jokes/relatable content can you make about the latest trends? Start brainstorming a list of broader topics. You can base your meme off of ones that already exist, or make your own. We love to scroll on our feed and find inspiration for our content. 


Pick a platform to design on.

If you are a seasoned graphic designer, Adobe Photoshop will be your best friend to create graphics. It can take longer to learn how to use Adobe, but once you know how to use it your design options are endless! If you are looking to create aesthetic, but simple graphics then Canva is super user-friendly. We recommend Canva Pro if you want to have more pre-made options for designs, fonts, colors, and layouts.


Target your audience.

You want people to relate to your memes so they repost them on social media. To do that, you need to select your audience. Whether it’s a specific age group, gender, or interest that your audience has in common- take advantage of it. For example, we create memes for our client @drinkatost about happy hours, because it fits their brand and is relatable to their target audience (happy hour lovers)!


Encourage people to repost. 

Once you’ve posted your meme, now the goal is to share it across social media. You can post your memes on Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, Pinterest, or any other platform you use. In the caption, you should encourage people to tag their friends! Try “Tag a friend who can totally relate to this!” or “Share this with a friend that gets it.” 

Posting memes and staying up-to-date on trends is so important when building a strong brand image. Don’t be afraid to change up your weekly social plan if a meme starts going viral and you can capitalize on it! And who knows, maybe you will be the creator of the next viral meme :) 

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