How to Use Pinterest to Increase Your Blog Traffic

How to Use Pinterest to Increase Your Blog Traffic

When you think of Pinterest, what springs to mind? We see fashion, aesthetic coffee in fall weather, stacks of books, sleeping cats, makeup tips, and artsy dinner ideas. Thousands of pictures and videos are available for any range of interests, with new content being added constantly. While Pinterest might be overlooked in the face of Instagram and TikTok for entertainment purposes, the site holds more complex possibilities than might first meet the eye.

How to Use Pinterest to Increase Your Blog Traffic

Unlike many other social media platforms, Pinterest is used for more than just scrolling. Many purchases are made off of Pinterest, and it can be a great tool to drive traffic to your blog, for example. Pins can be linked to websites, so if your Pin is eye-catching and well-optimized, you can easily increase your traffic. In fact, Homemade Social suggests that Pinterest is less of a social media platform and more of a search engine.  

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a great way to make your Pins, and through that your blog, stand out. SEO works by inputting specific keywords into your search engine, such as Google, in order to find a specific product or site. The more keywords linked, the more specific the product. For example, if I was selling crocheted baby zebras, I would want to input specific words, as well as broader ones, to increase the possible audience for my product (zoo animal, zebra, crocheting, craft, cute, etc.).

When creating a Pin, you’re offered tags so your image can be found by the audience that it’s directed to, and this is the same principle as SEO. Using Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog can be another easy way to increase your website views. 

Research what type of keywords might be associated with your Pins, such as through Pinterest’s search bar and selection of comprehensive collections, to determine what keywords are common and popular to add to your Pin to generate the most traffic! 

Website links can be hidden in pins, so if your Pin makes it to the Home page, all you need is to attract the eye of your viewer, and you’ve got another click! Knowing the audience you want to find your blog can be helpful in choosing what image you want to display in your Pin. Additionally, if you want to catch a person’s attention immediately, Pinterest videos are often a good place to start because our eyes are automatically drawn to movement. Additionally, using bright colors and clickbait-y titles, relevant to your blog, can help draw attention to your Pin.

Make sure you’re adding keywords in your title and description, as well as with tagged topics so your Pin shows up in as many searches as possible!

Don’t underestimate the value of Pinterest when thinking about advertising for your blog! Pinterest is a classic for a reason.

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