Instagram Engagement Hacks

Instagram Engagement Hacks

An engaged audience is a happy audience. Keeping tabs on your engagement is not only a rewarding way to see how much people love your business but also a good way to learn more about your followers and what is relevant to them. 

Create more buzz around your brand with these engagement hacks. 

Captions + Content

Let's kick this off with the basics. Putting things plain and simple, what you’re sharing is what draws people in. So before anything else, we want to make sure you’re giving your content and captions all that you’ve got! Here are some tips:  

-Post consistently

-Create a visually appealing platform (with a theme!)

-Incorporate humor, memes, and relatable content 

-Use user-generated content

- Use call to action captions

Instagram Stories

The comment section can be pretty overlooked sometimes since it’s difficult for users to feel drawn to leave a comment unless the post really applies to them. This is where the beauty of Instagram stories comes in! There are a few sticker options that can make things a little more personal and give your audience a voice outside of the comment section.

One IG story sticker allows you to ask your followers specific questions, giving them the chance to respond. Ask your audience anything or let your audience as you anything. And just to keep your followers more involved, you can post their responses on your story. 

Creating polls is also a fun way to ask people’s opinions on anything! Adding this sticker also sparks your audience's curiosity, because when they click an answer, they can see how their response compares to everyone else's. 

Within the past few months, the “Add yours” feature has been dominating the stories feed on Instagram. This sticker is all about inspiring others to hop on board a trend, so be on the lookout for stickers that your target audience will likely resonate with. Better yet, you can create your own sticker! This could potentially circulate among your followers, or totally take off and gain more attention to your page! 

Contests + Giveaways

Stir up the competitive side of your audience through contests and giveaways, because who wouldn’t want to hop on a chance to win something for free? Whether it's hosting a contest to get featured on your platform, or giving out free merch, hosting fun events like these will surely get people to react ASAP! This is also a way you can create an incentive to share your posts, which can increase your reach while upping your engagement rate. You can encourage your audience to tag their friends in the comments, repost your post on their story, or both! 


Use the new Instagram collab feature to gain traction on your platform. If users see you collaborate with another brand they like, they’re more likely to have a positive reaction to your post. When you collaborate with other brands, you are more likely to direct their followers to your page as well, resulting in more likes, comments, and follows. 

Partnering with influencers is another way to collaborate and gain traction on your platform. Even if your business is small, don’t worry! Using micro-influencers gives your brand more authenticity, and they generally attract a higher engagement rate than macro-influencers. When users see people they admire engaging with a business, they are more likely to follow in their footsteps! 


Even with keeping all of this in mind, every target audience is different. Along with trying out new things, make sure to keep track of what’s working and what isn’t when it comes to engagement. And above all, make sure your posts are relevant, serving a purpose, and relating to your overall brand image!  

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