Instagram Hacks We All Want to Know

Instagram Hacks We All Want to Know


Everyone can relate to spending hours a day on Instagram, whether it's posting or scrolling. We've created a list of fun Instagram hacks you can try out on your profile today for more engaging, creative content!


1. You can share a music playlist

We all know that you can add a single song to your story, but you can also add a playlist. In your music app select your favorite playlist, click share, and then ‘add to story’. This can be a perfect story to engage with your following more! Share your favorite workout songs, party hits, or Taylor Swift compilation. There’s lots of options with this feature. 


2. Choose from more colors on your story

If you are over the 20 color options they give on Instagram stories, don’t worry we were too! That’s why you need to know how to have endless color options. Your text will be aesthetic with these steps:

  1. Open your stories and choose the pen icon
  2. Tap and hold any color option for a few seconds
  3. You will see a color palette full of gradient colors
  4. Tap the exact shade you want and add it to your story!


3. Organize your saved photos into folders

This tip is great for the organizer and the social media lover. If you have ever been into Pinterest, you’ll love this tip. Instead of scrolling through hundreds of saved photos on your account, you can organize them into folders. This way you can have folders for your favorite captions, photo ideas, outfit inspo, workouts, and food. 


4. Pin your favorite comments

If you see a really sweet comment on one of your photos, here’s how you can make sure everyone else sees it too! Hold down on the cutest comment and select ‘pin comment’. Now this will be the comment that everyone sees first on the post. This can be a great business tool if you want to make a great review front and center!


5. Create fun Instagram Guides 

This is a newer feature that can add a whole new aspect to your page! You can arrange your own posts into guides for your viewers to easily browse your content. For example, if you have a variety of posts about business growth (like we do :)), then you can make a “How to Grow Your Business” guide so people can easily scroll through them all at once. You can get creative with these and make them work the best for your brand!

Ready to add some killer Instagram hacks to your social strategy? From growth tactics to design tips — these Instagram hacks will help you work smarter, not harder. Your audience will appreciate how aesthetic and interactive your content is, so everyone wins! 

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