Instagram Marketing Trends in 2022

Instagram Marketing Trends in 2022

We love seeing how Instagram updates its platform each year. As social media managers, we like to know what to expect before the app changes drastically. We’ve all been annoyed by a social media update from time to time, but a good update is so exciting for your brand. The good news is that Instagram is expected to have lots of positive updates in 2022! Here is the scoop on what to expect from Instagram in the upcoming year. 

Chronological and Suggested For You Feeds

That’s right, chronological feeds may be making a comeback. We are SO happy about this. If you feel like you’ve been missing out on posts on your feed, then this should help. Also, we can see this increasing engagement since your post will be shown to everyone who follows you in their chronological feed. Plus, you will also have the option to view your “suggested for you” feed. This is similar to the Tik Tok “For You Page”, which helps users discover new content. This is great news for businesses that are trying to grow their audience!


Video Content Merging

With three different video formats on Instagram, it would make sense to keep them all in the same place. There is talk about Instagram combining reels, feed videos, and story videos all into one place. With the popularity of video content, it would be great to scroll through your favorite videos all in the same feed. This would provide a simplified user experience and we are here for it. 


Native Creator Affiliate Program

If you are a brand that enjoys working with influencers, then this feature is super exciting! Now there will be an incentive for social media influencers to sell your products. Instagram “Affiliate” will be a program that provides compensation for branded content. This will be a win-win for influencers and brands alike. We can’t wait to see the details on this when the program is launched. 


Video Memes 

At Nesscessity, we’ve been talking about the importance of video content. It has the highest engagement and that will surely continue in 2022. Instagram expects to see a rise in video content yet again this year. So if you haven’t started posting videos yet, this is the time! Since TikTok is now more popular than Instagram, it’s important to incorporate videos on the Instagram platform to keep it relevant and engaging. 


Community Engagement Features

We LOVE engaging with our followers on Instagram. All of our favorite accounts are super interactive with their followers and we like to do the same with ours! In 2022, we can expect to see even more features designed to engage with your audience. One of the main updates is that question stickers may be available for reels. This update would add an interactive element to video content, which we are all about! There may also be the option to voice reply to comments. Who doesn’t love the convenience of a voice memo? We can’t wait to see how engagement changes in the new year.

So, this year when you’re making new year's resolutions, think about making them for your social media presence whether it be business or personal! We are so excited to continue producing content in the new year. Happy New Year from Nesscessity! 

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