Instagram’s New ‘Bonuses’ Feature

Instagram’s New ‘Bonuses’ Feature

We all know how using Instagram Reels can help your brand look trendy and increase your reach. But promoting your brand through Reels oftentimes ends up contributing to your sales as a business. And we love that! But there’s even more good news- one of Instagram's new features allows you to earn money directly through your Instagram Reels. Yes, we’re saying you can get paid to do exactly what you’re doing! 


You may be familiar with TikTok’s Creator Fund, where TikTok creators with millions of views are racking up money with every video they post. This concept is pretty cool, and it encourages creators to keep doing what they’re doing while attracting more hype to the app itself. Instagram wants to give its creators the same kind of opportunity. With the new bonus feature, creators make money based on how many plays their Reels get. Payment starts at any Reel that gets at least 1,000 views for a 30 day period. 

Although this feature may not be available to everyone yet, don’t worry! Bonuses will soon be out for anyone with a business profile. If the feature becomes available to your account, you have 30 days to enable it. Here’s how to get started! 

  1. Open the Instagram app 
  2. Review and accept the terms   
  3. Select your country and business type and click ‘next’   
  4. Business owners will then be asked to complete steps to confirm they are legal business owners  
  5. Add a payout method (you can skip this step initially, but it’s needed to receive your payout) 
  6. Review the description of the bonus/bonuses 
  7. Click done!

Once this is done, you have 30 days to earn the bonus, and you can choose as many Reels as you want to go toward earnings. Your earnings are based on how your Reel performs, so it may not be consistent. (That’s why it’s still important to invest some time into those Reels!) 

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