Instagram's New Creator Marketplace; Social Media Marketing

Instagram's New Creator Marketplace

Instagram has announced that there is a new place on the platform where creators can get discovered and paid, while also offering brands new partnership opportunities. This is HUGE news for creators and brands! Now influencers, brands, and creators will be financially rewarded with the help of Instagram’s shopping features. Instagram is continuing to find ways to make this platform more supportive of creators and brands. In this blog, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about this new marketplace. 

Instagram's New Creator Marketplace; Social Media Agency

So What is the Instagram Creator Marketplace?  

This new feature is a dedicated space where creators can be discovered, connect with other brands, and get paid on the platform. It’s like a matchmaking service but more beneficial for business! Creators and brands will utilize this unique tool to find relevant partnership opportunities between one another, without having to leave the app or the comfort of their home. 

This may sound familiar to you and you’re not wrong. This new feature is very similar to TikTok’s Creator Marketplace – where brands can discover top TikTok talent in-house – Meta is expanding their functionality toward a creator economy as well. 

Here’s how it works: 

By using the discovery feature on Instagram, brands will discover other creators that they can message through the partnership messaging feature. These messages will be kept in a folder within the app that keeps partnership requests separated from regular DM’s. 

From there, brands can communicate the necessary details including deliverables, and rates, and facilitate payments. This makes it so much easier for brands and creators to collaborate and earn a living on the platform. 


While Instagram continues to expand its functionality toward financially supporting the creator economy, it’s a great time to start being more creative on the platform. If you need ideas on where to start, look at our other blogs to get some inspo! 


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