Instagram's "Reminders" Feature & How To Use It

Instagram's "Reminders" Feature & How To Use It

There’s nothing more frustrating than accidentally missing out on something important. We've all been there, so we can’t blame our audience for letting life get in the way of checking out our brand's events. The most effective way to keep this from happening is simple. Remind them! The newly added Instagram reminder feature is a quick way to keep your audience in the loop of what your company is up to. 

Here’s how to get started! 

  • To start, you’ll create your post as usual. Make sure your post is relevant to your reminder and that you’re sharing content that will get your audience excited! 
  • When you get to the posting menu, you will see the “Add Reminder” Section. Click on that.  
  • You will then be asked to create a “Reminder Name” and “Start Time” 
  • Last, hit done and post your content. 

Anyone who views your post will see a little bell-shaped button on the bottom left of your photo or video. Your goal is to get them to click that button, so make sure your content and caption are compelling and point your viewers to hit that bell! Within your caption, try mentioning the bell icon and encouraging your viewers to set that reminder. It is also helpful to share these posts on your Instagram story with the reminder tag, just to gain a little more attention toward your upcoming event.

When people click the reminder button, the app displays all of the details of the reminder. They then have the option to click “remind me.” Then, Instagram reminds them 24 hours before the event, 15 minutes before the event, and right when the event is starting. As you can tell, Instagram is making it hard for people to miss out on what you’re doing!

You can use the reminder feature for in-person events and virtual events (such as Instagram lives). Try reminding your audience of other important things that aren’t necessarily ‘events’. This includes sales, giveaways, and product launches that your audience would not want to miss out on. 

Once again, Instagram has made it all the easier for us to get across to our audience. So the next time your brand does something important, make it known and set those reminders!

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