Nesscessity’s Guide to Instagram Threads

Nesscessity’s Guide to Instagram Threads

Although we may not be ready to admit it, it’s time to acknowledge that there is a new social media app in town. Its name? Instagram Threads. Dun, dun, dun…

Threads is a new copy-dominant social media platform that is bringing up some serious nostalgia for the once beloved Twitter. In true Internet fashion, the new app’s announcement  has taken social media users by storm, with Threads receiving 30 million sign ups in the first 24 hours of the platform launching. Throughout the first few days that the app was available, business owners and creators alike quickly began threading without too much thought and, let us tell you, things moved FAST. 

So, what are the features of this fascinating new platform from Meta? The Threads platform itself is like Twitter: short copy posts with the ability to add pictures or videos. There is also the ability to like, comment, repost, or quote (reply on your account with a repost). Like all social media apps, Threads has its own personality. At its core, Threads’ main use is for public, real-time conversations, but the stars of the show are the silly memes and quick-witted jokes that make the app stand out and catch the attention of its users. 

No longer looking to be out of the Threads loop? Don’t fret. Simply use your Instagram login to begin. Your username and followers will carry over to the new app, with the option to customize your profile specifically for Threads. If you’re wanting a feed similar to apps like Twitter and TikTok, Threads is the place for you. The Threads feed includes threads posted by those you follow, and recommended posts from creators you may not have discovered yet. 

What we are loving:

  • Sign up is a piece of cake
    • Because Threads is similar to apps we’ve seen before, there’s not a huge learning curve when getting started. It is a major bonus that you can sign up with your existing Instagram account and even transfer over all the information from your Instagram profile.
  • There’s no pressure to share the right content or have a strategy already drawn up
    • Since this is a new app in its early stages, Threads creators are learning alongside their users. Meaning, for social media managers out there, there's no pressure to have everything figured out yet. It’s okay to test things out, especially since the feed moves so quickly.
  • Vibes are easy, breezy
    • The collective consensus about Threads is that it is less serious than its competitor Twitter, and the content shared has less thought to it, making things funnier, lighter and easier to digest for users.
  • Good for sharing content to other platforms
    • For you Instagram lovers out there, you can easily share a Threads post to your Instagram story, or share your post as a link on any other platform you choose.

What we don’t like as much:

  • The app has seemed to have lost its steam after the first week
    • Like any new and exciting app or website, the initial hype has sort of died off, and users are now looking for new features to set it apart from their other social media apps. Frankly, we haven’t found too much to differentiate Threads.
  • Hard to create a strategy for clients
    • Threads is new for everyone, meaning we’re all in this together. This can make things tricky when trying to create a strategy. With the possibility of the app changing, it is important to educate and entertain your audience right away. Think about building connections with your audience rather than having a calculated strategy. We’re all learning!

Our takeaways

With Instagram Threads being the fastest platform to reach 100 million users, we know that there is major potential for the social media app. If your brand has a specific tone of voice, Threads is a great way to up your copy game and engage directly with your audience. Stay ahead of the ever-changing social media landscape by creating content that sparks conversations and responding to users who are engaging with your brand. 

At Nesscessity, we plan to make Threads a part of our social media toolkit and are excited to continue to learn how to help you use this platform to establish meaningful connections, prompt engaging discussions, and create a more diverse following. What are your thoughts on Threads? Let us know! 

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