Our Fall Essentials

Our Fall Essentials

We love everything about fall. The pumpkin-flavored everything, nostalgic Halloween movies, and of course, fall fashion. Here’s a round-up of our online favs this fall! 

Social Media Trends We’re Loving

Mini Vlogs on Insta

We’ve seen a lot of our favorite influencers posting mini vlogs of their day using the reels feature. We are obsessed with watching these short, chatty videos. There’s something so entertaining about watching the aesthetic, casual clips in every video. They feel so personable and are a fun way to interact with your favorite influencers. We find ourselves spending a little too much time on the reels section of our feed :)

“The Good Part” Trend

One of the most wholesome trends on social media right now is “The Good Part” Tik Tok sound. If you need a mood booster we highly recommend scrolling through this sound on Tik Tok. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, basically you show the happiest parts of your life in a 15 second video. It really couldn’t be cuter and we’re here for it. 

Emily Mariko Salmon Bowl

This is a random one, but if you haven’t tried the new viral Salmon Rice bowl you HAVE to. Also, if you were wondering why salmon and seaweed are sold out everywhere, Emily Mariko is why. Emily Mariko made a viral Tik Tok about her salmon rice bowl recipe. After seeing 100 recreations on our Tik Tok feed, we finally gave it a try. Trust us, it’s time to go grocery shopping! 

IG Feeds We’re Obsessing Over


We can’t get enough of the atōst Instagram feed. We’re warning you- you may start planning happy hour everyday when you see atōst drinks on your feed. There is no better way to spend a fall evening than happy hour with friends and atōst will give you the ultimate cocktail inspo. Your fall get-togethers are about to be extremely Instagrammable.


Who's excited for ski season? We know we are! And Halfdays’ Instagram has to be the cutest winter feed out there. While you’re counting down the days to chairlifts and mountain days, check out their new line of ski clothing that just dropped. It couldn’t be any cuter!

Our Favorite Podcasts

What’s a long car ride without a podcast? We have some new podcast favorites that are great for social media lovers. 

Goal Digger by Jenna Kutcher

Goal Digger is the ultimate podcast for 20-somethings who are seeking career inspiration. Whether it’s your side hustle or your 9-5, Jenna Kutcher gives the best advice for following your dreams and being a bad-ass woman. She specifically focuses on the social media industry, so this podcast is right up our alley.

Fun on Weekdays

This podcast is hosted by Jenna Palek, a former employee of Tik Tok. Jenna talks about her experiences working in social media and interviews other influencers weekly. Her podcast is not only inspirational but also hilarious. You have to give it a listen on your next long drive or walk.

Manifest with Tori DeSimone

If you have been feeling like you’re in a creative rut, Tori DeSimone is the ultimate goal-setter. After listening to this podcast you’ll want to pursue all of your passions, grow your career, and probably take a spin class. Tori is a fitness guru, social media influencer, and just a well-rounded boss. Her podcast shares the ins and outs of her successful and fun life. 

Now that we’ve shared ours, we’d love to hear some of your fall obsessions. Head over to the Nesscessity Instagram and DM us your latest favorites! 

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