Our Holiday Gift Guide

Our Holiday Gift Guide

With Christmas around the corner, it can be a struggle to find everyone the perfect gift. It can be especially difficult to find a gift that everyone and their mother doesn’t already have. Shopping at small businesses is a great way to make sure your present is one-of-a-kind, sustainably made, and is benefiting a shop owner this holiday season. Plus, we can’t think of anything more annoying than standing in long holiday shopping lines… so these are all shops you can purchase from online! 


Alright, if you have a skier in your life you HAVE to check out Halfdays (or maybe a christmas gift to yourself?). These ski clothes are so trendy and fun that you’ll want snow pants and jackets in every color. Skiing has never looked so cute. Whether you have an Ikon or an Epic pass, the only skiing essential is a Halfdays outfit. Click here to shop now!

Lana Via

No outfit is complete without the perfect jewelry. And who can have enough earrings, bracelets, and necklace options? Jewelry is a great idea for anyone in your life. If you’re looking for the best statement jewelry pieces then Lana Via is a must-shop. Shop their collections now!


You can’t go wrong with a cocktail or spritz as a holiday gift. Plus, maybe you can enjoy this gift with your friends and family. Bring an atōst spirit to your next holiday party of gift exchange, and everyone will be hooked. There’s no going back when you try a delicious atōst beverage. Order your new favorite holiday drink here!


Marea Elixirs 

Marea’s life‑changing, drinkable nutrition supports your PMS, PMDD, and period symptoms! Marea elixirs are a woman’s best friend, and a perfect gift to give this holiday season. Show your girl friends how much better “that time of the month” can be with Marea! Shop the PMS Elixir here



Ok, some self-promo here but we have to shout out our cute merch. From pullovers to necklaces, we have vibrant designs to make any outfit a colorful one. They’re the kind of simple but fun designs that everyone is loving right now. Also, we are so excited to be releasing new merch soon… eeek! Visit our website for our classic styles and new additions coming soon!


We hope this gave you some inspiration for your holiday shopping this year. If this wasn’t enough inspiration, we also made a Holiday Wishlist Guide over on our Instagram–check it out for more fun and festive ideas! Don’t walk, RUN to these websites to have everything in time and avoid the dreaded in-person shopping. We always love seeing our client’s products being enjoyed by everyone. Happy shopping

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