Our Reels Strategy for 2022

Our Reels Strategy for 2022

Time is constantly flying in the internet world, so it may be crazy to hear that Instagram reels are almost two years old now. At Nesscessity, we are always looking for ways to up our Reels game! Reels can be overlooked sometimes but they definitely may be the missing piece that makes your profile as unique and impactful as it can be. With these tips, you can kick off 2022 with a makeover in your Instagram Reels. 


Caption Clarity  

Since Reels captions only show a few words, there is so much power behind the “...more” button on your screen. We want you to get your viewers there so they unlock the message you are trying to get across. Make sure to focus on hooking in your audience with a compelling start, and then adding in rewarding information if they do decide they want to learn more. 

Some “compelling” examples…

  • Get the convo started in the comment section. Ask your audience to answer a question, tag a friend, or put their own “caption” under your content. 
  • Depending on the content, consider sticking to one sentence or even a few words. Oftentimes those short, trendy captions are super effective in building your brand’s personality and vibe. 
  • Build the suspense by asking questions, or getting viewers excited for upcoming events. 

Stand Out 

When it comes to Reels, originality should be the main focus point. Have you ever scrolled through your Reels page for a while, only to read the same handful of texts to trending audios? You want to give your viewers something that refreshes them and makes them want to stop their constant scrolling. Being original while staying relevant can be difficult, so here are a few ideas! 

  • Teach your audience something with how-to’s, tips, and hacks. 
  • Utilize video editing effects.
  • Give your audience a behind-the-scenes look or a sneak-peek into something, make your brand feel more personal! 
  • Use humor and memes that can apply to your brand/ are relevant to what’s going on in the world. 

Open-up Shop 

Sometimes seeing is believing, and short video content like Reels can allow consumers to see your product or service and how it’s used within seconds. This ultimately gets viewers straight to the point of your business, so use this to your advantage! That originality factor you’re going for can often be the product or message you want to share. You can direct your creative skills to simply show off what you have to offer in a way that catches someone's eye. 

When it comes to Instagram Reels, it isn’t always about going viral. If you’re in the mindset to create content that is engaging, original, and consistent, you’ve made the first big step to spark the curiosity of viewers and create loyal customers. We hope you enjoy a new year full of new Reels! Visit our Reels page to see what we've been posting and all the fun we’ve been having :) 

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