Social Media Metrics To Track In 2022

Social Media Metrics To Track In 2022

Creating good and meaningful content can often mean success for your business. However, you can’t determine what content is good, what content is just okay, and what content is great without seeing how it is impacting your audience. In order to constantly improve your social media strategy and grow your business, it’s so important to see what is working and what isn’t. It’s not all about what we think looks good. What gets your audience excited and engaged? You want your business hype to be constantly on the rise!


Social media metrics are any kind of data that shows the impact of your social media decision-making. Keeping track of this is super simple, and is something you need to invest in in order to get to know your brand and audience on a better level. 

Is my audience interested in my content? 

Engagement is the way your audience is interacting with your platform. This can simply refer to followers, likes, and comments. All of these are really important to keep track of whenever you post something.

 Here are some quick tips on how to up that engagement! 

  • Post consistently
  • Host fun contests and giveaways
  • Give your audience reasons to comment (ask questions, “caption this”, etc.) 
  • Be personable! Use user-generated content and tell stories 

You also may want to get straight to the point, and look into how many customers are reaching the end goal- a purchase from your business! Conversions are when your audience makes a purchase from your brand, coming straight from your social media platform. If your conversion rates are on the rise, give yourself a pat on the back. You’re getting exactly what you want out of your social media posts! 

Is my audience expanding? 

As entrepreneurs, we always want our brand exposed to as many people in the internet world as possible! We can have a better understanding of who is seeing what by monitoring our reach. Reach is simply the number of people that have seen your post. 

Let’s take a look at some ways to increase your reach: 

  • Use hashtags, 
  • Collaborate with other brands (through Instagram Lives, the collab feature, etc.) 
  • Post reels, preferably with trending audio! 
  • Run Instagram ads 
  • Encourage your followers to share with friends! 

(Tip: On your Instagram business profile: click on “insights” to see details on your reach and engagement! Instagram provides you with so many tools and data straight through the app, which is so cool!) 

Am I effectively engaging with my audience? 

The way you respond and interact with your followers is more than just what you’re posting. Creating a good relationship with your audience includes you investing time in them just as much as you want them to invest in you! Are you being responsive and reliable? Are you being personable and helpful? Consider the way you respond to customers' comments and messages. You want to focus on having a quick response time, and that you don’t leave important comments and questions left hanging! Taking time to engage with other brands' platforms is another way to increase your brand awareness, and establish those connections that will help you out in the long run! 

Even if you think your social media platform is doing great, there is always room for growth. Don’t forget to keep yourself in check! If anything, it can be super fun and rewarding to see the impact your brand is making on people. Keep up the great work, and make sure to keep checking out how it’s paying off!
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