The Benefits Of Storytelling Marketing On Social

The Benefits Of Storytelling Marketing On Social

It can be really beneficial to compare a good relationship with your audience to a good relationship IRL - think of your marketing strategy this way: Whose business are you more likely to invest in someone you hardly know, or a friend’s? 

The best way to start befriending your audience is to show them a little more about you! Curating a more personal marketing strategy can help form better connections within your audience and lead to a higher engagement rate. It also helps make your brand approachable, so users will be more likely to leave questions and comments on your content. 

Here are a few tips on how to create a more personalized brand image.  

Go live! 

Going live is essentially giving people insight into your life as an entrepreneur in real-time. It also gives your audience an outlet to ask questions and make comments with an immediate response. 

Show what you do day to day through some behind-the-scenes action. 

People are more likely to invest when they appreciate the amount of work that you're doing, and understand all that goes into what you do. This adds another level of interest to what you’re promoting. Going “behind the scenes” can be done through posts, videos, or step-by-step guides on how you do things. 

Focus on responses to questions and comments. 

Whether you’re on life, in the comment sections, or in direct messages, being a responsive platform is the best way to make connections with your audience and start meaningful conversations. When it comes to responding, be active, consistent, and have a strong brand personality! Quick responses make all the difference, because like a friendship, you want to be a reliable source that your customers trust to engage with! 

Introduce the people that make your business possible. 

Putting the spotlight on your employees, clients, or customers can be a great outlet to share some really cool stories! This can display anything from how your business came to be, to how your business has impacted others. Hearing direct experience from people automatically feels more reliable than other forms of advertising, because it feels like a recommendation from someone you know! This can be executed by just posting about the friendships formed within your business, doing employee features, and sharing customers’ stories or fun facts! 


Utilize more personal media outlets. 

Some strong examples of media outlets that can easily be “humanized” are blogs and podcasts. These can be used to give a lot of insight and opinions, and to tell stories to really get to know a business and what they’re about on a personal level. Even just incorporating more video content (or creating vlogs) can really take your brand that extra mile in making 


All of these social strategies ultimately put a face to your company and connect with your audience in the most “human” way possible. We know the people who make up your brand are so important, so start showing them off. 

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