The Best Post Type For Instagram Engagement

The Best Post Type For Instagram Engagement

The types of posts you can share on your Instagram feed have evolved over the years — from single images to carousel posts, to videos.

But what type of Instagram post performs best when it comes to engagement?

Studies have shown recently that engagement on regular feed posts is on the decline. Although they’re not a lost cause, it’s Instagram Reels that are taking the wheel here when it comes to engagement. 

Keep reading for our tips on Instagram posting–for better engagement! 

Start. Making. Reels. 

Instagram has made it very clear that its algorithm will promote Reels and videos. Ever since TikTok blew up, Instagram has shifted from being a photo-sharing site to a video-sharing site. Instagram wants to compete with TikTok’s chokehold on the entire Gen Z and Millenial generations. So, Instagram only wants to see more and more active Reel creators. Yes, this could mean you

Focus on carousel posts.

Now that we’ve established how great Reels are, we also have to mention the power of the carousel posts. Users LOVE to swipe. It’s as simple as that. According to Later, ”carousel posts have consistently outperformed image and video posts over the years.”  Why? Because carousel posts can likely provide more compelling information about a brand, product, or event, ultimately leading to more engagement. These can also incorporate more personable, storytelling content. 

Incorporate more user-generated content.

User-generated content is content that is created and shared by brand followers and users themselves! More than 86% of businesses are utilizing UGC as part of their social media strategy. Hearing actual consumers speak out about a brand on their own behalf provides a more personal experience for followers while establishing a stronger sense of overall brand trust. 

UGC content is also great if you’re not ready to jump on camera. Think about how you can leverage your community. Just remember to always get permission before you share. 

As you’re testing out new post types remember to focus on your community, experiment with your content, and the engagement will roll in. If you enjoyed this blog you will probably enjoy our Instagram page, too! Pop over there and check out all of the social media tips, tricks, and hacks we serve up on a daily basis. 

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