The Impact of Instagram Reels on Post Performance

The Impact of Instagram Reels on Post Performance

Did you know that your Instagram Reels have a huge impact on your feed post-performance? Well, they certainly do! Since Reels made their debut on Instagram in August of 2022, feed posts (excluding Reels and IGTV) have decreased by 44% since then. Also, the average engagement rate for feed posts has decreased as well. In 2019, the average engagement rate was 5.16%, but now it’s down to 2.88%. Oh, how the times have changed! If you’re looking to post a traditional feed post, carousel posts are the best option for more engagement. But if you want to gain more engagement on your Instagram, Reels will become your best friend. 

So why are traditional Instagram feed posts not receiving as much attention? 

Since the introduction of Reels to Instagram, the majority of users have pivoted to this post option and have gained consistent or even more positive growth in engagement. The Reels feed is entirely made up of suggested content, therefore users will see more videos of what they’re interested in, which then boosts your engagement rates.  

Instagram Reels have become an amazing way for brands and businesses to flaunt their creativity and add visual experience beyond the basic grid post. Another interesting aspect of Reels is that users can view Reels from all Instagram accounts on the Reels tab. 

If you’re looking to increase your engagement on Instagram in 2022, then it may be time to use Reels religiously. Although regular feed posts will still have their place on Instagram, Reels are the number one way to reach new audiences and boost engagement. Luckily for you, you don’t have to be an editing or dancing genius to post Reels, anyone can do them! Embrace this change and start creating Reels! 

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