The Importance of Content Batching

The Importance of Content Batching

If you’re a content creator, then you have to start content batching. It is seriously game-changing for your social media platforms. When social media is your job, it can be overwhelming to always have fresh content for all of your channels. That’s why content batching is a total life-saver. 

Content batching is when you create social media content for multiple weeks all in one day. Maybe you bring multiple outfits, props, and visit multiple locations to get a variety of content in one day. That way, you have photos and videos that are visually diverse, but you don't have to set aside as much time to capture them. It’s also a great way to maximize a good hair and makeup day :)

We all know that consistency is key for social media. Well, sometimes this can be SO hard if you’re in a creative rut or are extra busy in other areas of your work. If you utilize content batching, then you can have posts that are planned and ready to go for when you’re stuck for new content. Something else we love about content batching is it’s great for planning an aesthetic feed. You can plan ahead what photos look best next to each other, when you should include graphics, and how often you want video content on your page. 

Do you ever have those days where you’re just extra motivated? The days when you feel like you can tackle a million things and maybe only need a cup or two of coffee to do so. That’s when we like to content batch our captions! If you find yourself in a creative, inspired mood then that’s an amazing time to compile a list of captions for social media. We like to include social media tips and business advice in our captions so they have a lot of value. Instead of coming up with one caption at a time, we love to brainstorm lots of different ones to add to our feed. 

Another key benefit of content batching is it can help you designate the type of content you need. For example, if you are trying to relay a specific message through your brand then you can create content that supports that. You can designate “content pillars” which are topics that will consistently come up on your page. This will give you a basis for what to make your captions, photos, videos, blogs, and all content about.

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