The New Instagram Collab Feature & How To Use It

The New Instagram Collab Feature & How To Use It

As brands and companies are trying to get their name “out there,” Instagram keeps adding new features to do so. Although learning how to use these features can come with a bit of a learning curve, using Instagram to its full potential is essential to creating an updated and developed platform. 

Within the past few months, most Instagram users have probably stumbled upon the recently added collab feature. Instagram collabs create a post that goes on multiple platforms, with shared likes and comments. Making this happen may look tricky, but it's probably more simple than you think! This feature is an especially quick way to increase your reach and share content with multiple audiences. 

The collab feature can be used on posts and reels, allowing you to add up to twenty different collaborators. With these few steps, you can quickly begin collaborating with other profiles. 

  1. Create a post by uploading and editing your photo as you typically would. 
  2. On the posting menu, select “Tag people.” 
  3. Select “Invite Collaborator” and search the profile(s) you want to add to the post. 
  4. Share your post. 
  5. Once the other account(s) accept the collab in their DMs, the post is shared on all accounts and timelines. 

It will probably look a little something like this...


Next thing you know, you’ve instantly reached your audience, plus another audience. Or five. Or twenty. What could be more “out-there” than that? 

It’s the simple ‘if they like them, then I probably would too,” mindset that pulls consumers in to check out your profile, products, and whatever else you have to offer! On top of that, this feature allows brands to support other brands on a whole other level. Like we’ve probably all heard a million times, when it comes to business, it’s all about who you know!
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