The Power of Mood Boards

The Power of Mood Boards

Are you ever stuck in a creative rut? We totally know the feeling. Having a clear vibe for your brand can help when you’re feeling uninspired and want to change things up. Mood boards are a great visual tool to plan everything from your Instagram feed to your product packaging. 

If you ever stumble across an Instagram page that you love, they probably have a clear vibe. Whether it’s bright and colorful, boho, or neutral- consistency is key. We all know that when your images go together, your page looks its best. Making a mood board will help you decide how you’re going to design your next social feed. 


Mood boards go far beyond your socials. They can also help when you are deciding how to market your brand. If you are designing merch or new packaging, you want it to be cohesive with your brand image. Having set colors, fonts, logos, and shapes can help your company stand out in the best way.


To get started on your mood board, find your main focus. Maybe it’s the upcoming season, a specific event, a dream vacation, or even a specific influencer’s page. You will want to find content that encompasses your main theme. This will give you a cohesive look and make it easier to select images. When you’re ready to start styling your mood board, look at your existing content. Take your favorite posts and add them to a folder. Then, outside inspiration is a must. Pinterest will be your best friend for this. You can save images that you want to recreate, or that simply just give off the right vibes. You may find yourself scrolling on Pinterest for hours lost in all the artsy content… we’re sorry in advance. Try checking out brands or influencers that you love on Instagram for more content. There is no shortage of inspiration, so have fun putting it all together! 


We have shared some of our favorite mood boards over on the Nesscessity Instagram page. Check them out for some extra inspo <33 

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