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Tips on How to Keep Your Brand Authentic

We all know there isn’t much room for authenticity when creating short-form videos since we are constantly trying to keep up with the latest trends. The constant need to churn out TikToks and Reels has left many brands struggling to find the balance between entertaining audiences and promoting their products. In this blog, we are going to describe ways to keep your video authentic to your brand while continuing to entertain and educate your audience about your brand and products. 

It’s All About the Content Mix 

If you were to scroll through popular brands on TikTok or Reels, you’d recognize that they all share a similar mix of content types that focuses on industry-specific entertainment. Every once in a while you will see a transparently branded video. Still, most of the time, brands try to stick to video content that is more entertaining and includes educational information relevant to them. 

Here are some examples of brands that provide educational and entertaining content: 

  • Chipotle has combined some of their iconic ingredients with a fun zodiac calendar, creating an on-brand and engaging post. 
  • The Washington Post continues to present its brand mission of sharing informative news while adjusting its video strategy to fit the entertaining, short-form vibe of TikTok.  
  • Red Bull posts content of athletes doing the most, fitting their “Red Bull Gives You Wings” motto. The majority of the athletes that are posted are also wearing Red Bull-sponsored merch, adding subtle branding.  
  • GymShark posts entertaining videos of gym rats of all shapes and sizes. 

Overall, branding is all about authenticity and you have to stay true to what you know interests and benefits your audience. In the examples above, the brands find ways to entertain their audiences in short-form videos while staying true to their brand niche. An important common denominator for the content these brands post is that the general subject matter and the tone stay consistent from post to post. They simply share different information that their audiences need to know in each video. 

Although it’s not always required, there are subtle ways you can add visual brand elements to your content without dropping in a logo. Next time you want to include your brand name in a video, think about adding your brand's colors to what you film, wearing branded clothing, or even including some of your products in the content.  

At the end of the day, you shouldn’t worry too much about visual brand elements in your videos. Keep doing what you’re doing and stay true to your brand! It’s all about creating content that will help you crush your social media game anyways.

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