Should You Add a Caption to Your Video Content?

To Caption Videos or Not to Caption Videos?

We’ve all spent minutes, maybe even hours, agonizing over Instagram or TikTok captions, thinking about the right thing to say to our followers. By that point, we’re probably all questioning whether or not a caption is necessary or important for our content. If you’re having doubts about adding a caption, let us tell you that it is a very important aspect of your posts.

Why? Well, adding a caption is like adding another dimension to your posts because if someone is unable to listen or watch your video, they can still figure out what your post is about by reading your amazing caption. It’s also an easy way to boost post-performance and make your content more accessible to your audience. 

The Benefits of Adding Captions to Video Content 

Video content is everywhere on social media these days and it’s a massive chunk of what’s on the internet. It’s hard not to scroll through any platform and not encounter videos. An issue with videos is that not everyone keeps their sound on, especially with platforms like TikTok or Instagram Reels that autoplay videos. It seems that the majority of people have a subconscious feeling that if they’re playing videos too loud, it will annoy the people around them. 

In recent studies, data has shown that between 53% and 78% of people prefer to watch videos without any sound. Captions makes it easier to grab users’ attention. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of captions on video content...

Benefit #1: Accessibility 

This is the number one reason why you should always add captions to your video content. By not including captions, you are closing yourself off to an entire community that could totally be part of your audience. Deaf and hard of hearing (HoH) people are unable to enjoy videos if there is no caption. 

Benefit #2: Sound-off Users

There are just some people who refuse to watch videos with any sound on, and that’s okay! Sometimes it just takes a little bit of inspiration or a nudge for a viewer to click the volume-up button. That’s why it’s crucial to add a caption to your content because you never know whose attention you’re going to grab. You can even add closed-captioning options to your content to make it even easier to keep a viewer engaged with your content. From there, the user can decide whether or not they want to turn that V up. 

Benefit #3: Aids Comprehension and Easier Translation 

If you didn’t know already, you can add captions to make your content easier to understand for those who don’t speak the same language, have a difficult time understanding certain voices, or take a bit longer to process information. Reading and listening to what the person in the video says helps the content stick in their brain and remember what you said for a longer period of time. You can also make captions to your videos in any language, helping you reach new audiences and adding another layer of inclusivity to your content. 

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