Top TikTok Trends to Experiment With This Week

Top TikTok Trends to Experiment With This Week

Do you need some inspo for your TikTok page? If you do, then you’ve come to the right place! Obviously, there are millions of new trends that blow up every single day, so there are a bunch of them to go over. In this article, you’ll find trends that you’ve probably already seen and one’s that you haven’t yet! So here’s what has been trending on TikTok in the last couple of months of 2022:  


June’s latest trends:

  • Credit Card Beep  

This sound is gradually heating up on the feed and users are ‘tapping’ their credit cards to each beep to share the things they spend money on. It works for every niche, so enjoy this trend! 

  • New Bombshell 

You know summer has arrived when Love Island sounds start trending on TikTok. The best way to hop on this trend is to consider doing something that you’ve done over and over again. 

  • That’s My Life 

This Hilary Duff sound is all about obvious truths, but sarcasm is going to be your best friend here. Get creative with this trend or use a shared experience to film with this sound. 


May’s Latest Trends:

  • Night Changes 

One Direction’s “Night Changes” is making a comeback with this sound. You can use it for anything! Many users are using it for vlogs, day in the life, or travel recaps since it’s all about nostalgia. 

  • Loop

The loop trend is making its way back onto our FY pages. Users use this trick to make their videos look like it never stops, hence it’s on a loop. You can find tutorials on how to do loop videos on the search page. 

  • About Damn Time 

Lizzo’s popular song has become one of the biggest trending sounds on TikTok with dancing videos, outfit reveals, makeup tutorials, and much more. You don’t need to know how to do the dance if you want to use this sound!


April’s Latest Trends:

  • Laptop Presentation 

This trend takes a new spin on giving a “presentation”. First, start by giving your audience a sneak peek at what you’re going to show, then once the music begins, showcase your full montage. 

  • As it was 

Harry Styles's voice and songs have been all over TikTok lately and this trend is basically a newer version of #ThrowbackThursday. Use this sound to show how much you or someone else has changed over the years. For brands, you can use this song to show how much your business has grown over the years! 

  • This is Perfect 

Users have taken two different approaches to this trend, so choose whatever fits your brand! The first is to give a shoutout to an ideal situation or scenario. The second approach requires you to point out the irony of a situation. 


March’s Latest Trends:

  • Meme Maker 

Have you ever wanted to create your own memes? Well, then this TikTok Trend is the one for you since you can create your own meme in just a few seconds. With this trend, users have been using the song “Zou Bisou Bisou” by Gillian Hills to play in the background. Have fun with this, your options are endless! 

  • What Dreams Are Made Of 

Another Hilary Duff sound has made its way to the TikTok platform. The “Hey Now” song from the Lizzie McGuire Movie has changed to sound like a wedding song instead so users can use it to reveal something amazing! 

  • It’s All In The Way She Moves 

This trend is all about the element of surprise! Make a statement or pose a question to your followers, then pan the camera behind your subject to reveal something unexpected. 


February’s Latest Trends

  • Caught A Vibe 

This sound hasn’t exactly blown up yet, but we’re predicting that it will be on everyone’s feed once people start traveling again. Use this sound to share clips of your vacation, past trip, or favorite spots. It certainly is a vibe. 

  • Grapes That Thrive On The Vine 

Have you ever thought of an ideal situation and then thought of something that could totally ruin it? Well, then you’re already ready to tackle this trend. 

Although there are many trends to follow on TikTok, we wanted to share a few that have become very popular these last couple of months. Hopefully these have sparked some inspiration for what you want to include in your feed. If you are looking for more ways to amp up your TikTok and Instagram feed, Nesscessity offers tons of creative ways to boost your engagement on these platforms!

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