Trending Audio For Reels

Trending Audio For Reels

Instagram Reels are a great tool to increase your reach through social media. The sounds you post on your Reels are a key factor to making them successful! Using trending sounds is a great way to keep your brand “in the now” while resonating with your audience and upping your audience engagement. 

Since Reels reach social media viewers that aren’t a part of your follower's list, think of this as your chance to grasp new potential customers' attention through the audio you choose to use. Using trending sounds is also proven to increase your reach.  A study shows that while scrolling through the Reels page, content using trending audio reached an average of  4 million more views than ones that used other audio. Here are some tips on how to find and use those trendy sounds that will help your brand make an impression on Instagram! 

There’s a sweet spot in timing when it comes to posting something trendy. You want to post Reels with trending audios during a short period of time where the sound is still cool and fresh. If you wait a little too long, the sound starts to become overplayed and annoying to viewers. (We all know the feeling!) The best way to truly know what’s up on social media is to be there and be active! This includes being active on reels and on TikTok as well. Any social media user knows that TikTok is the spot to go for memes and trends today, so use that to your advantage! 

The more active you are, the more you can discover not only what’s trendy on the internet in general, but what sounds your target audience is using or interacting with. Understanding what vibe is attracting your audience can also help you with creating your own sounds you feel will gain attention and represent your brand! 

Another quick tip is that while creating reels, Instagram recommends songs to you. When you go to create a reel, click on “sounds”, and then “see more” at the top of the page. Oftentimes the sounds that are displayed are the ones that are being used the most by creators right now. 

Once you find the perfect sound that suits your brand and catches viewers’ attention, remember that the content you create should be relevant to the audio you’ve chosen. Remember that trends aren’t all about the sounds you use. Oftentimes there are trending memes, dances, and similar video content that goes along with those videos. Understanding and utilizing trends, in general, can help your brand stay relevant.

Instagram Reels are becoming so important to brand recognition and content creation on social media, and the audio you choose is often what is going to take your Reel far. So keep on the lookout for what trending sounds are going to make the impact you want!

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