We’re all Vlog Obsessed

We’re all Vlog Obsessed

We’ve all found ourselves in the depths of a YouTube channel watching hours of mindless content at 1 am. Right? Let’s be honest, we are all YouTube obsessed. Who doesn’t LOVE watching a good vlog? Getting an inside look into the lives of our favorite influencers is addicting. Many of us find ourselves passing free time watching someone’s Whole Foods grocery haul or a summer morning routine. Why is this content so interesting? TBH, we’re still trying to figure that out ourselves. 


The cliche that influencers “feel like friends'' is super cheesy, but super true. There’s something so relatable about vlog content. A real connection seems to form as we find out more and more about the person on the other side of the screen. 

Vloggers have changed the game for the television industry. After binging YouTube videos, produced TV feels so… contrived. Is it weird that a “day in my life” vlog is so interesting? Probably. But we all love them. The less-edited and more relaxed, the better. YouTube content that is too posed has become honestly cringe-worthy. The unembellished videos perform the best. With 2.1 billion users, YouTube is one social media platform that is helping influencers grow their platforms exponentially. It seems like anyone who is relevant has a YouTube channel. 

Vlogs don’t just provide us with sheer entertainment, they’re also part of an extremely lucrative industry. In 2020, nine-year-old Ryan Kaji earned $29.5 million from his YouTube channel. Forget being a teacher or dentist, Gen Z will surely add “vlogger” to their list of dream jobs. 

We even see A-list celebrities trying to build a following on YouTube. When Kylie Jenner starts vlogging, that's when you know it's the cool thing to do. The days of YouTubers being “wannabe celebrities” are over. Now you see OG YouTubers, like Emma Chamberlain and Claudia Sulewski, in Vogue magazine and attending the Oscars. In 2021, YouTube can get you far more than just subscribers, it can get you on the A-list, too.

Being in the social media industry, we love to see the impact that YouTube has on digital marketing. According to Social Media Examiner, 55 percent of marketers use YouTube as a tool to grow their business. It’s an extremely effective way to reach a larger audience. A popular vlogger mentioning a cute, new clothing boutique could put that small brand on the map. Whether it’s paying for a video advertisement or producing your own content, YouTube could be the next step to grow your brand. 

Our nerdy social media selves are eager to see how YouTube evolves. Will younger generations be just as amused by a 35-minute video of someone taking us through their skincare routine and UPS returns? We hope so. 

We’re always looking for new vloggers to binge. Head over to the Nesscessity Instagram page and send us some of your favs :)

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