What Are Social Media Freebies?

What Are Social Media Freebies?

Everyone is looking for ways to show their audience why they should engage with their brand, but there’s nothing like having someone ask themselves “why not?”. 

So, what better way to create that all-in response than something that’s nearly impossible to say no to; free stuff! 

Merchandise or content that brands give out for free, referred to as freebies, is a super cool way to get people excited to get to know your brand! Think of freebies like this; giving out useful items at no cost is simply being nice. Being nice to customers will lead your customers to, well, be nice back! It’s not always about what you’re selling or promoting because brand loyalty often comes from connections made. Freebies can also be used to give people an incentive to subscribe, follow, sign up, or look into the content you offer. When it comes to investing in new products or services, people are always wondering what’s in it for them, so give them what they’re looking for!  

First things first, while creating a freebie, it's important to know the audience you want to attract, and the impression you want to make on them. What would your target audience enjoy? Do your research based on what is already popular or selling well within your brand. It is also important to consider trends–online trends or just common interests of your typical customers can make great freebies.  

What products are going to reflect your brand in the most positive and accurate way? Though this isn’t a project you’ll profit off of, you really want to maximize your design and creativity skills. Freebies are kind of like small samples of your brand, so show your customers what you’ve got! 

Here are a few fun freebie ideas that your online audience can get pumped for... 

  • Content calendars 
  • How-to guides 
  • Mini-courses 
  • Checklists 
  • Starter kits 
  • Templates 
  • eBooks

You can find a couple of Freebies that we’ve created at Nesscessity in the “Shop” section of our website. Our 2022 Content Calendar  is a 12 month calendar that gives you daily tasks and content ideas for you to establish a consistent social media posting schedule.  Our Organic Instagram Growth Checklist is our handy guide for you to grow your platform organically, through time and knowledge. Our goal is to allow you all to really grasp our vibe and experience what we’re all about! Feel free to check those out, because why not!

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