What Is Content Promotion?

What Is Content Promotion?

You may be thinking that you’re promoting your brand and products solely by posting about them on social media. You technically would be right, but there is actually a whole other level of content promotion that you may not be aware of.  In order to grasp what content promotion really is, we have to understand the difference between organic content and paid content. 


Organic content is the regular content you create yourself and post on your accounts. This includes posts, Stories, memes, videos –you name it. This content can be limited to reaching your current followers with minimal reach beyond that. However, it is still very valuable content and hey, it’s free! 

The whole intention behind paid content, however, is to promote specific content to reach a wider audience. Paid content promotion is often referred to as “running an ad” or “boosting an Instagram post” on social media. Let’s take a closer look at how this works. 

Why Paid Content Promotion? 

Paid content promotion is similar to other advertising. Every time you post on social media normally, your content only goes to people who are already following you. So, you’re not really expanding into new users and audiences. With the paid promotion, however, your content will be put on the personal feeds of people who have potentially never seen or heard of your business! 


When you run an ad on social media, you will be asked about your budget. Promotions are charged per click, so the number of people who can view your advertisement will depend on how much you set your budget for. When adjusting this setting, make sure to have a clear vision of your goals and weigh out the costs and benefits of the ad. 


The second main setting you’ll be asked to develop is an objective for the campaign. This can allow you to narrow down your target audience so that the platform can have a better idea of whose feeds to put the content on. Depending on the website, brands are often asked what geographic location, age, hobbies, etc. their target audience falls under. This way, you’re saving yourself so much time and money by getting your content exactly where it needs to go. 

How to Track

Tracking your paid content promotion is fairly simple and super accessible. You can watch how your ad is doing in real-time. On top of that, following metrics such as engagement, followers, and reach can provide amazing insights into how your ad is performing in the internet world. 

Promoting content through paid advertisements can be crucial in taking your social media presence to the next level. This is an investment worth making, but be sure to establish a clear mission, budget, and target audience.  So, now you are ready to start your content promotions! Develop a strategy, create great content, get results and repeat! 

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