What We Are Thankful For <3

What We Are Thankful For <3

It’s our second Thanksgiving of Nesscessity, Yay! Like everyone, we are excited to spend time with family and wind down from work. Also for stuffing and pumpkin pie. Even though it is nice to have a break in the crazy work schedules and busy calendars, we truly are obsessed with our jobs and wouldn’t have it any other way. We are feeling reflective about how much we adore our business. Nesscessity has been a dream come true for SO many reasons. We get to do work we love (with people we love) every day. Here are some of the many things we are extra thankful for this time of year!

Our Clients

The best part of our job is getting to work with brands that we LOVE. From Halfdays to atōst, to Lana Via Studios- we work with the coolest products and the best people! We couldn’t be more obsessed with all the businesses we get to work with. It makes our jobs so fulfilling to represent brands that we would splurge on anyday. 


Our Growing Team

Nesscessity started with our CEO Bailey and has quickly grown to a small, but mighty, team of six. We have three full-time employees and three interns working to make our agency the best it can be. Nothing is better than working with friends, and we truly feel lucky to work among an amazing team of women. The Nesscessity team will continue to grow and we couldn't be more excited! 


Our Creative Freedom

It is SO fun waking up every day when you get to be creative and produce a variety of content. Whether it’s an Instagram Reel or a blog post, we love brainstorming new ideas for our clients and our own brand. It keeps every day exciting and truly makes work feel like a hobby.


Our Family and Support Systems

Without our amazing family and friends, we couldn't have started Nesscessity. For anyone starting their own business, it is essential to have people believe in you and your work. We are so lucky to have the best supporters who love to see us succeed and grow as a brand. 


Our Loyal Social Followers

Okay, we seriously have the BEST followers. Everyone’s comments, likes, and direct messages keep us motivated to produce the content that we do. Our loyal followers feel like close friends and it’s so fun to see our audience grow. The best part of this job is all of the amazing connections we make with people across the world. 

The truth is we couldn't be luckier to have the best job in the world. Thank you for being a Nesscessity follower, client, and friend. We love the family that Nesscessity has created and can’t wait to see where it goes in the future. Happy Thanksgiving! 

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