Why You Might Be Losing Followers on Instagram

Why You Might Be Losing Followers on Instagram

There’s nothing worse than opening the Instagram account you manage and find that you have fewer followers instead of more. The horror! If this has happened to you, don’t panic because it’s 100% normal. Honestly, this happens to every user on Instagram and creators are reporting that they’ve been seeing a plunge in their numbers lately. 

Instead of freaking out about losing followers, consider this to be a sign that it’s time to shake and spice things up a bit. We are here to offer our top tips on how to rebuild your audience and improve your overall engagement on Insta, but first, let’s figure out why you may be losing followers. 

There are a few reasons why you may be losing followers on your pages and one of the number one explanations is that video content is taking over. Ever since TikTok became popular, other platforms have been trying to compete with it by adding all-new video features to their app. For example, Instagram has started implementing video content into their algorithm and it’s almost made the traditional Instagram picture post not so popular anymore. It’s certain that you will not gain the same level of engagement on a traditional post as on a video post. 

Additionally, Instagram is changing and if you’re up to date with the latest features the app has to offer, then you’ve probably realized that you’re not receiving as much engagement as you were before. When social media platforms introduce new features, engagement and growth tend to decline since it impacts both the app's algorithms and users learning how to navigate the platform. 

With many of these changes happening to Instagram and the decline of engagement, users are moving to other platforms in hopes to grow a larger and more engaged audience. Again, you are not alone if this is happening to you! Since people are switching up which platforms they use, there are fewer people on Instagram which impacts follower growth. If you’re not sure what steps to take to keep an engaged following and grow your following, here are some recommendations that we have for you to start rebuilding your page: 

#1 Keep Track of Your Metrics 

If you keep track of your insights, you will find the answers to what your audience wants to see more of. There are many analyzing features out there to use to review your insights, then keep track of them in a spreadsheet so you can figure out what’s working and what’s not. 

#2 Post More Video Content 

I think it’s pretty obvious that video content is dominating the social media world right now, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon so you might as well jump on this train! Here, the focus should be on creating videos that are a healthy combination of trendy and unique to your brand. 

#3 Increase the Dimensions of Your Static Posts 

We’re not saying to completely abandon static posts! Those are still very crucial to your page, especially carousel posts. This type of post still performs quite well on Instagram and they tend to be more shareable posts than your single-image one, which may increase your following! When posting a carousel post, make sure that it is similar in size to your video content so that your page looks organized and clean. 

#4 Up Your Collaboration Game 

Luckily with all the new features, Instagram has to offer, it has become very easy to collaborate with others. Incorporating more collabs into your content will be a great way to gain more followers from a reliable and trusted source. You can integrate collaborations into your Instagram by co-hosting Lives with other creators or brands who share the same audience or by creating collab posts with other users so they appear on both your audience’s feeds. 

Social media platforms are constantly changing, so embrace the change and figure out what works best for your pages by learning what your audience wants to see more of. Definitely don’t take this personally, it happens to every single user on every platform. Let this be a time to evolve and grow with the changes! You got this! 

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