How to Gain Instagram Followers from TikTok

How to Gain Instagram Followers from TikTok

It’s hard to imagine what we spent our free time doing before TikTok. I mean we’d all be lying if we said we didn’t find ourselves scrolling through our For You Page at 1am. The good news is you can turn your TikTok obsession into a business venture! TikTok is GREAT for growing your following on other platforms, especially Instagram. 

When you post on TikTok, it is easier to reach a larger following than on other platforms. Randomly, you may find that one of your videos suddenly has thousands of views. Growth on TikTok happens very quickly. Hashtags, using popular sounds, and recreating a popular trend can all add to your video’s success. Like any platform, consistency is key! The more videos you post, the more people you’ll reach. If you are posting new content all the time you’ll start to see more followers. Everyone loves to follow new people on TikTok, especially if your content is original. Be unique in your posts!

Ok, now that you’ve become TikTok famous (fingers crossed) it’s time to transfer this to Instagram. You can post your TikTok videos onto Instagram Reels! We can’t stress enough how great reels are for your audience growth. We even have a whole blog post on it ;) Also, you can remove your TikTok username from your videos so they look better on Instagram. We posted a reel on our Instagram page showing you how to do this. Once you start posting reels, you will reach a whole new crowd, in the best way possible! You can use this to grow your brand, business, or personal following.

We can’t wait to see all of you TikTok and Instagram success. For more social media tips, follow us on our socials. Happy posting!

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