New Instagram Features for Q4

New Instagram Features for Q4

Whether you use Instagram for your personal enjoyment or for business (or for both), it’s helpful to keep up with the latest updates. It feels like every time we get used to a new feature, there is something else changing. We want to make your life easier and list all the new updates in one place. Here are the updates Instagram has made recently.

Link Stickers for Stories

We already wrote a whole blog post about link stickers, because we love them! They add a new element to your story and are a great opportunity to promote products and brands you love. We love that you can place these links anywhere on your story. You can also edit the font and color to make them cuter and fit your vibe. Love this change! 

Instagram Video

Feed videos and IGTV’s are going to all be in the same place. Instagram Video will be home to the video content on your feed. There will be a tab on your page of videos, instead of keeping feed videos on your feed with photos. We think this will make browsing people’s pages a whole lot easier. With reels being the most popular video content, it probably won’t change too much in our eyes! 

Reels Covers

Speaking of reels, there is a great new update for the cover photo of them. Now, you can change the cover of your reel after it is published. This is SO nice if you’ve ever published a reel and then realized the cover doesn’t accurately show the content or it simply doesn’t fit your vibe. 

Map Search

This feature hasn’t come out yet, but when it does it will be MAJOR for small businesses. Yay! This feature will allow you to see images tagged at a location directly on the map feature. When you are searching for a location, now it will be easy to browse photos of that spot. This will make finding an aesthetic shop, restaurant, or coffee shop much easier.

Prompt Sticker

Another feature that hasn’t come out yet, but we can’t wait for it! The prompt sticker will allow you to ask your own prompts on your stories for people to respond to. This will be AMAZING for engagement with your audience. We know we’ll be utilizing this on the Nesscessity Instagram

We are always keeping up with the new Instagram updates, so check back on our blog to stay up to date with the newest features. Follow us @nesscessity to see us use these fun new additions.  

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